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Psychotherapy For Individuals

At The Mathers Clinic, the initial goal of therapy begins with building trust. This allows us to open the lines of communication in a safe setting while forming a partnership that promotes healing. As this partnership grows, we create an environment where it is acceptable to challenge, to experience difficult emotions and to attempt healthier ways of living. The Mathers’ approach is to work with adults and adolescents by exploring their thoughts, feelings and their relationships with loved ones; in the past and/or present. We use techniques from various psychotherapy modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to analyze and restructure negative thought patterns into more realistic and productive ways of thinking. Our goal is to formulate a plan for changing behavior.

Psychotherapy For Families

Family members interact and affect each other in profound ways. Families function best when there are appropriate hierarchies and boundaries set (i.e. spouses or partners function as a team in their marriage and as parents in child rearing). The degree of supervision and independence children need may vary according to their personalities, developmental stage and environment. Families that can adapt and change while maintaining cohesiveness, are a safe haven of love and respect. Whenever difficulties should arise between family members, family therapy can be effective in re-establishing roles, boundaries and healthy communication.

Psychopharmacology And Medication Management

Learning that there may be a need for psychiatric medications can be frightening and disconcerting. The decision of whether or not to prescribe psychiatric medication is a significant one. There are many misconceptions about psychiatric medications, especially for those prescribed to children and adolescents. The Mathers Clinic psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners make communication and education the cornerstone of our practice. We will work diligently to educate clients (and their families) about their problem(s) and/or diagnosed illness(es). We will answer all of your questions and concerns that you may have at any given time.

Medications will be prescribed only when necessary and are considered only one element of a treatment plan. Our medical staff is both conservative and deliberate in their approach to the medication management of psychiatric illness. We can incorporate psychotherapy and a non-medicinal option to customize a treatment plan for patients electing to forgo prescription psychiatric medication.

When appropriate, adding medication to therapy can be essential for success. Medication may decrease harmful behaviors and thoughts. In some cases, medicinal treatment may be necessary to regain mental and physical well being. Some medications work quickly to reduce anxiety and hyperactivity. Other medications, especially those for mood disorders like depression, can take many weeks or months to become fully effective.

Once medication(s) begins, The Mathers Clinic psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners will make adjustments accordingly. A close relationship between our medical staff and patient will be established after initiating medication(s). This involves contact between sessions with phone calls and timely follow-up sessions. The frequency of these visits will decrease based on the outcome of the treatment.

Contact Mathers Clinic

Contact us to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist or for more information about our services by calling (815) 444.9999. You may also email us at info@themathersclinic.com. We look forward to helping you meet with a psychologist at a time that works well for you.



Dr. Vemuri is extremely intelligent, listened to me and took time for me. I definitely recommend him, he is an excellent physician.



Dr. Vemuri, he listens and truly cares. I have recommended him and will continue to do so; he is a good person, never acts superior. I feel like we are friends and I am able to talk to him honestly. My treatment, I felt included; part of the decision making process. He has a way of making you feel at home, love it!

Tanya J


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